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I am a schoolteacher in Peterborough Ontario who has been carving for the last eight years. Chainsaw carvings are an excellent way to highlight gardens, privatize entranceways, and bring the outdoors into the inside of your home. These carvings also make great personalized gifts and can have messages engraved. I have also done carvings that customers have used as grave markers and memorials for pets. Every wooden sculpture is unique. Last year alone I was asked to carve a wooden fish for a woman to mark where her father passed away at his favourite fishing hole at the family farm, and a six foot bear as a garden memorial for a woman who had always called her mom "mother bear".

Wherever I carve a crowd quickly appears. Everyone finds a sculpture that appeals to them personally and children love to watch the woodchips fly. Customers often tell me their home becomes known as the house with the big bear out front or the wizard watching over the pond. Carvings are made of pine or cedar and coated with long lasting wood sealer.

Carvings are also a gift that lasts for generations. How many of us wish we had a permanent momento from a grandparent or loved one? Consider giving someone you care for a personalized wood sculpture!

Please feel free to call me for an appointment to come out for a visit to my studio. I usually have plenty in stock and something interesting in the works. Peterborough is about an hour away from Toronto and you can reach me through email at or feel free to call 1-705-750-0746.

Mark Andrews at International Ploughing Match 2003